How to Get Help When Starting a New Career in Design

A lot of people would change careers if they could. Everyone wants to be a designer at some point in their lives, but if they haven’t got any money when they are starting, then they won’t be able to buy the software that they need. They will have fallen at the first hurdle and they would have gone running straight back to the daily grind of their everyday job.

If that sounds like you, then you have come to the right place. If you continue reading then you will get some tips on how to get started and what equipment you will need to get you on the right track towards becoming a designer.


If you want to become a designer then you are going to have to have do some sort of educational course. Employers rarely take on designers unless that has had some formal training.

Some companies might recognize that you have a natural aptitude for design and they might take you on as an apprentice to see what sort of skills you have. These opportunities are few and far between though. You will have to be very lucky to get on this sort of course.

If you want to completely change career, but you can’t afford to just quit your job, then you can do a design course online, or go to night school. Therefore, you will still have money coming in.

Of course, this will mean that your course will take a lot longer to complete but you will have money coming in and you won’t feel like you are stuck in a dead end job. You will know that you are working towards something.


You will need to have a good design computer at home. Apple Mac computers and laptops are the normal computers used in the industry. This is because they are powerful and they can handle massive files.

If you can’t afford to buy a computer straight off, then you have the option of using a student discount as long as you have already started your course, otherwise you might have to stick with using the computers at university


If you are sure that you want to become a designer and you have already enrolled on the courses that you need to, then it is time to look at things you can do to make yourself stand out from other students.

One of the things you can do is to find design companies in your area and ask them for some volunteer work. You will be getting experience in the field that you want, and they will be getting work done for free. It benefits both sides.

Furthermore, you will be able to network and get contacts so you can call in a few favours when it is time for you to get a job. You can put your volunteer work on your resume and design companies will see that you have experience in the industry.


If you are starting out, then you will want to get your own copy of the software used in the industry. You could get a student copy from your university, or you could buy your own, which might cost a lot more than you are expecting.

You should look online for software suppliers who sell software like Adobe for a lot cheaper than the retail price. This is because they will offer the software as a digital download. These companies do not have to pay for the cost of shipping or packaging so they can be offered at a cut price. You could even get a student copy from these companies and pay even less.

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Can You Get Rich Doing Forex Trading?

When many people think of forex trading, the first question that probably comes to their minds is whether they can really get rich by investing in the forex market. Well, anyone has the potential to get rich in the forex trading business but not everyone does. You can use it to make a great second income or you can make it your sole income generator when you become a super trader.

A lot of people lose money when they start trading in the forex market not because they do not have the potential to win, but they do not get the right education or have the wrong mindset when they enter into the business. You do not need to have a college degree to understand forex trading. Just about anyone can learn it and become successful at it. You might have a lot of money to invest, but you will first of all need to learn everything there is to know about this business if you want to be successful.

You need to learn the best forex trading strategies if you want to make reasonable gains and avoid being frustrated by loses. No matter how confident or experienced you are, having the right strategies is vital if you want to achieve success. You need to have a good mentor that will teach you how the business works as well as the tips and tricks that will guarantee you success in the long-run. You also need to look for a system that is going to work in your favor. It is not the complexity of the system that matters. Instead, you should base on the simplicity of the forex trading system that has fewer elements to break and is easy to learn.

Despite the advances that have been made in technology right now, there are people that still make massive losses when they join this business. It is not that they cannot make it, but most of those who lose usually lack the discipline that this business needs one to have in order to be successful. One thing that you must have is confidence in what you are doing. You must also have the mindset to accept your losses but make sure that you keep them small if you want to be successful. When you lose, it does not mean that you are failing. If you are knowledgeable about how the market operates, the market will just give them back to you as long as you employ the right strategies.

In order to learn about the best forex trading strategies that will ensure that you achieve the success you would like to attain, you need to join a group of investors that are savvy in this area and also research widely online. A good strategy means that you will trade well and as a result you will get good profits. If you are a new investor, you should take time to learn as well as practice before you go ahead to invest your money.

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Elif Bilgin

Elif Bilgin is the 16-year-old inventor of bio-plastics made of bananas. She won the Science in Action award 2013 facilitated by Google and took home 50,000 dollars of prize money. She inspired people to be more creative when it comes to saving the planet, and as proof of her success, she was given Google’s “Inspired Idea Award.”

Plastic has been a source of concern since the time it was mass produced, making its way onto our appliances, devices, packaging… Name it, it’s got plastic. Indispensable as it may seem, plastic has an adverse effect on the environment. For one, the manufacturing of plastic is not really eco-friendly. Second, plastic made of petroleum does not decay. It’s funny how a man’s creation can outlive the creator.

But that is just how plastic is. Environmentalists are doing all they could to mobilize people into being responsible consumers of plastic. Apart from education, there are organizations that endeavor into cleaning the waters.

But there are some who need not leave the laboratory to solve the issue. With a little help from modern technology and an abundant supply of creativity (and yes, an above average tolerance for failure), Elif Bilgin made a breakthrough. Elif Bilgin is not even of legal age, yet she has discovered a way to help curb our plastic malady.

Banana peels, which we mindlessly throw away, can be used as main ingredient to make bio-plastics. Bio-plastics, according to Elif, is now being explored as an alternative to petroleum-based plastic. Since they are made of organic materials, bio-plastics do not exist forever.

But what others missed that Elif saw was that banana peels, essentially a waste material, can be put to better use by recycling and fashioning them into bio-plastics. Below was how she did it:

Preparation of banana skins:
1. The peels of the bananas were removed using a stainless steel knife.
2. An 800ml beaker was filled with distilled water and placed over a Bunsen Burner.
3. The banana peels were placed in the beaker and were boiled for 30 minutes.
4. After the boiling process, the beaker was removed from the Bunsen burner and the peels were decanted off the water and placed on and covered with a dry gauze pad, left to dry for 30 minutes.
5. After the peels were dried, they were placed in a clean 800ml beaker.
6. Using a hand blender, the peels were pureed until a fluid paste was formed.

Production of the plastic:
1. 25ml of banana paste was placed in each 50ml beaker.
2. 3ml of HCl was added and the mixture was mixed using a glass stirring rod.
3. 2ml of propan-1, 2, 3-triol was added to each beaker. The mixture was stirred again.
4. 3ml NaOH was added and the mixture was stirred once more.
5. The mixture was poured into a petri dish and put in the oven at 130°C. It was baked for half an hour.
(SOURCE: Google Science Fair).

It’s not supposed to be difficult to follow as her aim is to make plastic a DIY sort of thing. With that imagination of hers, Elif will make the likes of Marie Curie proud.


1. She successfully made bio-plastics out of banana peels at the age of 16.
2. She won Google’s Science in Action award and received 50,000 dollars in 2013.
3. In addition to that, she also won Google’s “Inspired Idea Award” in the same year.
4. She was a finalist in the overall Google Science Fair for the 15-16-year-old category.
5. She learned how to read and write at the age of 4.
6. She was pulled out of regular school when she was in the 4th grade after passing the test for gifted kids.
7. She is now a student at the Koc High School, an institute for gifted young people.
8. She did not let age deter her from creating a product which she hopes can help change the world.
9. She did not give up after failing many times.
10. Since winning, she has been invited to TED and other speaking events to talk about her invention.

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The 10 Laws of Technology And How Learn More

A Basic Guide to Network Equipment A network is usually made of a series of computer devices used to communicate and share information or data with each other as well as access information from the central storage. Every home user can get the most of a multitude of networking equipment especially with the technical advancement available nowadays. It is no longer constrained to just computers and laptops but it can also range to televisions, stereo equipment and even mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. However, for a beginner, naming and specifications of devices involved in a network can be fairly confusing. Here are various explanations of the terms, names and specifications of the essential networking equipment for you to make the right decision on which one to choose and include in your home or office network. One essential networking equipment are the routers which are used to route and forward from the source to the destination and back whenever desired. In the case of the worldwide web, this equipment powers the path of access to the data or internet. Routers operate on two planes. The control plane is the first, wherein the router obtains the proper outgoing interface so that the information will be sent to its destination. The other one is referred to as the forwarding plane, which is accountable in the processing and sending of the information to the outbound interface from the recipient. Network switches, often referred to as a network bridge, are used to connect various segments in the network. They process and route data as well as function in several Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) layers such as a multi-layer switch that operates in more than a single layer. Commercial switches are typically built in several modular interfaces in order to cope with the prerequisites of several types of networks.
The Ultimate Guide to Services
A network-attached storage is another type of network equipment that functions once a so-called level of computer data storage is connected to a computer network in order to provide several clients of the network to have a guaranteed access to the date. Normally, it comprises data storage, access to files and filing systems while it also manages several computer functions.
The Beginners Guide To Computers (Finding The Starting Point)
Another popular network equipment is the server which is a combination of software and hardware intended for providing better services to the clients. You can use at least one computer that will work in a server operating system in order to run a number of software applications. The details of the network equipment mentioned above are important for a computer network to function properly. Industries and even residences can get the most of the existence of such devices as they are making use numerous popular gadgets to communicate and share information with one another.

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