Is the Pharmacy Technician Career Field Right For You?

Have you been thinking about a way to start a career in the healthcare profession? A great way to get your first job is as a pharmacy technician. Depending upon the state in which you live in, you may only need a high school diploma or postsecondary training in a pharmacy technology program. Such programs would have a duration of 6 months to 2 years.

What is a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy technicians are assistants to licensed pharmacists. They are also called pharmaceutical technicians or pharmacy techs. They are expected to do the following:

  • Receive and dispense medication according to a prescription.
  • Counting pills/tablets or measuring proper amounts of medication for prescriptions.
  • Labeling and packaging prescription bottles.
  • Processing claims for medical insurance
  • Performing administrative tasks, such as stocking shelves for inventory, cleaning equipment, maintaining profiles of patients and answering telephones

In this career field, you can work in many different places including store pharmacies and hospital pharmacies. They can also work in nursing homes, long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers and third-party insurance companies.

What Should I Know Before I Decide?

Depending on where you live, regulations to become a pharmacy tech will vary. There are states that will require you to complete a secondary education program for pharmaceutical training and/or pass a certification exam.

Working Conditions

Working environments are in well-constructed, organized and clean in pharmacies and laboratories. This will help you efficiently do your job. The work schedules will depend on where you work. There are pharmacies that are open for 24 hours, like a hospital pharmacy, so you can expect to have night shifts or weekend duties.

As a pharmacy technician, you should be computer literate in order to maintain patient records, print prescription labels and perform research. It is also necessary to understand pharmaceutical and medical definitions, follow oral and written instructions precisely. You may be expected to move and lift heavy boxes of supplies as needed, and repeat tasks that require routine procedures.

How to Get Training

There are training programs that are specific for pharmaceuticals, after completing one, you will earn a certificate. These training programs last from 6 months to 2 years depending on the curriculum. The longer programs tend to have students undergo internships at pharmacies for training.

If you want to attend a formal program, make sure it is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists or other agencies.

Is Certification Required?

While it is not outright required, there will be employers who will require their pharmacy technicians to be certified. It also depends on which state you are in. Being certified will give you an immediate edge over those who have not earned the distinction when you’re applying for a job.

There are two main national organizations in the United States that offer certification:

  • National Healthcareer Association
  • Pharmacy Technician Certification Board

Formal training programs will give you what you need in order to pass the exam. Passing an exam by one of these two organizations will earn you the designation of Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT). Once you have earn this certification, you will have earned a special distinction that will certainly help you secure a well-paying job in a respected industry.

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Experience The Best of iOS Ecosystem With Free iPhone Apps

Owning an Apple device is a luxurious and prestigious gesture for almost everyone around the globe. The company continues to lead the smartphone and tablet market because of the high quality products that they make. Even though, competitors are tagging behind, the sheer number of free iPhone apps and total app count on the app store is far ahead. It’s growing at a rapid pace, designed to offer excellent choices for its users.

Simplifying Your Search

Consumers will sometimes find it difficult to browse through the sea of apps available on the official store which is when third party websites become integral. They pick and sort out the best available ones in a user friendly interface. All you have to do is browse through the categories, available, know more about the particular application, see screenshots, read description and finally head to the app store to download them. The advantage of free iPhone apps is that they can be downloaded instantly for free without any mandatory credit card requirements or payments. After the new iPhone 5 was introduced with a bigger screen, users now have the advantage of being able to experience apps and games in their authenticity with better screen space. Sports titles, arcade and action games look more vivid now with excellent graphics on the 4″inch screen provided in the latest iPhone version.

Popular Categories

There’s an app for almost everything on the dedicated app store. The most popular among them include social networking, lifestyle, games, utilities, news, books, music, photos, travel and many more. Every category will list the most popular free iPhone apps so that you can pick what you love and download it instantly to your phone. There are specific educational games available for free. These titles are designed to help young children learn numbers, alphabets besides being entertained with a slew of thought provoking mini games. It looks extremely colourful, vibrant level designs and will latch the young children onto the phone for hours at stretch. But, when they are learning new stuff through apps, you hardly have a reason to say no to them!

Productive Apps

Compared to what you know, the application ecosystem on iOS platform is constantly developing. Besides, free iPhone apps it also comprises of games made specifically to suit the larger screen iPad and its 2K resolution. Productive apps are very helpful in allowing you to plan ahead with time planner, weather reports, mobile wifi hotspot generator, PDF reader, file scanner and much more. They are ideal to use in both official as well as personal environment.


When using an iPhone, you can be assured that you are going to be bombarded with entertaining apps and games. The app store offers music, video players, image editors, book readers and much more to keep users of all age groups stuck to their amazing gadget. The free iPhone apps easily comprise of book readers that are compatible to read both.epub files as well as comics. People who enjoy reading novels will find these apps extremely convenient because they can just download any free or paid title from the store to start reading it instantly. Similarly, comic fans will find the interactive comic app readers useful to experience their most favourite superheroes come to life. Constant updates and patches are released to make sure the apps work as intended besides adding new features to it for enhanced performance.

Stay Updated

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Top apps and custom picks is a section dedicated to helping users identify the best free iPhone apps in the market. You can get the right apps with the convenience of your home and never miss another great title in the huge app store assisted by the professional app site.

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Do You Want To Know The Truth About Working From Home

Everyone says working from home is great, it is easy, you are your own boss, you work when you want, how you want, even wearing what you want…

Sounds Idyllic doesn’t it… I would like you to know the truth… the things that people forget to mention… The reality that working for yourself is…

This is a story of courage and determination that I witnessed as a ringside spectator. I was close to the action, right on the edge, but although I saw the battles, and was always available for support I was, in the main, excluded.

The story I am, going to share very briefly is that of my wife, It is an abridged version, because it is long and depressing to go too deep into… however there are some particular traits that I identified in my wife, that I now look for in people who ask me to work with them in their online businesses.

Character Traits Of The Successful – Outsource

My wife had been a teacher at a local high school for over 15 years. She had achieved her degree whilst staying at home after the arrival of our third and fourth child, and when The Youngest reached the age of 2, Judi went out and got herself a job and employed a nanny to look after our two, and to have other people bring their children into our home, thus making the nanny self funding…

She Understood The Power of outsourcing even then, By Leveraging her ability to get things done by some one else (Especially the less glamorous or even tedious) she was able to create income, free up her time to do the stuff that really paid well, and also allowed her to be really creative with her time which is where she excels… Outsourcing takes many shapes and forms, but never forget to use it as it is the most profitable thing you can do for your business…

The Children thrived, and grew up well balanced, and eventually our nanny left got married and had a family of her own… Life progressed until 2 years ago, just after I had had surgery to a shoulder injury, My wife came home with the news that she had been laid off. Well to be more accurate her contract had not been renewed, and she was temporarily out of work.

Character Traits Of The Successful- Resilience

Judi was angry at her treatment, of course. She was hurt, the situation was unjust. However rather than be down about it, she turned her attention to me and said you need to get me a website sorted out I am off to get some equipment and my certificates.

There was no discussion, I would have urged caution I suspect. Judi just grabbed the bull by the horns and determined to set up for herself.

Opportunity Is not Always Dressed Up In Party Clothes

I am sure you have heard the expression as one door closes another opens, how many of us would stand and stare at the closed door moaning, may be for so long we actually fail to see the new door open? I know a few that have done it… Not my wife, she had heard about the urgent need for trainers to improve the safety standards in Technology College Classrooms, notably in resistant materials, food tech and sewing / textiles. There were grants available and plenty of work to bring the standards up to save teachers and classroom assistants from being sued.

Character Traits Of The Successful – Persistence Is Essential

The Grants were not available, the work was really hard to get… imagine trying to carve yourself a slice of the H & S pie in what had basically been a closed market. The word No was not in Judi’s vocabulary however. The word Next was the battle cry. She marketed herself as the solution… Many schools had had law suites and she got me in my new found position of marketing director to get our message out there, do not be sued for sloppy record keeping, make sure your training is up to date. My marketing training was all cutting edge and up to the minute, but Judi’s message was ruthless. And Constant.

Character Traits Of The Successful – Sticking to The Decision

Judi knew that she was definitely on the right path, I never questioned her conviction. I did question some of her methods, and some, of what seemed like to me, rash moves. Like buying three sewing machines that cost us more than we had in the bank, and left us with no money for food… I was appalled frankly, she took the decision with out any consultation… she needed the machines to run a series of courses. The first courses she had booked, and her speciality? Food Tech!

Can you Imagine the High Volume discussion that took place when I came home form hospital that evening to find her trying to teach herself how to thread the machines watching YouTube Videos!

I promise you, that was nothing compared to the noise when I heard that the first course had cancelled… We had no money, 3 sewing machines, and hungry children… what do you do?

If You are my wife you advertise a safety training course in textiles including automatic embroidery and overlocking! You pay for the advert with a credit card, and try to resuscitate your husband, why she bothered with the last I am not sure, because I wasn’t being particularly supportive.

I would love to say that the course was over subscribed and we never looked back. Truthfully she got two students, one of whom still has not paid for the course, and in those days they used to get their certificates on the day. Now they only get them when they have paid, and they are normally sent to the school so that the school gets to keep it safely.

Character Traits Of The Successful – Sheer Bloody Mindedness

We struggled on bits of work here and little bits of work there. My marketing business started to get clients that paid their bills. I also started to attract students who wanted to learn what I was doing. But to say that life working from home was not easy would be a huge understatement. I have never seen my wife weaken in her resolve, but I have seen her work herself into the ground trying to magic courses out of nothing. Booking training venues for course with no students and then just filling them the day before. How she sleeps I do not know, I cannot… Her attitude is so strong, unwavering I call it. She certainly reads a lot of PMA books, and has loud talking books blaring all day with people I have come to love, like Tony Robbins, speaking… the positive goes in, and she keeps on working.

Do Not Underestimate how difficult this has been though. For Goodness sake, I am her husband and I did not believe in her, and what is worse she obviously knew that or she would have risked discussing some of her decisions with me. She knew I would not have supported her. But she knew what she had to do.

I trust her instincts now, Even though I have seen her fail short term. Fail enough to stop normal people, Fail enough to stop most non normal people to be fair. But she glides on in her sure fire way, with a grin and a chuckle saying as always. ‘It will come good, eventually!’ I have learned to trust her ability to get things to come good, certainly now we can discuss everything.

My last line of attack is… ‘ Would you do this without talking to me first?’ If her answer is yes then we go with it, if she is not sure then we study the odds a bit more and try to get them in our favour, but in all honesty I would never ever bet against her, she just never gives up… and she loves the fight as much as the victory

Character Traits Of The Successful – Love What You Do

I do not know what motivates my wife, Do not get in her way was a lesson I learned fast. I do not think it is just money, what with her business and my marketing business taking off we are not hard up… we are not wealthy do not misunderstand me, but we are lot further in front than most. I think a lot of her motivation comes from the sense of wrong that she still feels about her losing her job, but that would not have sustained her this far. She is not vindictive and I have never known her hold a grudge.

When I asked her what is it that keeps her going she said I just love what I do, I have created this out of nothing… and it is by far one of the best things I have ever done… And in so saying she echoed the very words of The great Steve Jobs, His famous speech about loving what you do is legendary in this house now, and is the watch word of everything we undertake…

Datech Education now employs 10 trainers and various support staff like Virtual Receptionists, and outsourced workers that prepare course work and presentation material. Yes I still get to quote for her marketing work, but to be honest my business has flourished along side hers and we now both work from home all be it in entirely different industries… However when people apply to join me in my online marketing business, I know exactly the sort of people I am looking for, to join me, I married the template!

Take Care

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Pharmacy Revenue Management in Hospitals

This article explores one of the most interesting questions that hospitals should be asking themselves? How could Pharmacy Revenue Management help?

With the cost of prescription drugs continuing to spiral out of control, hospitals face rising expenses and declining yet uncertain reimbursements. Many health-system pharmacies are not inclined to improve revenue due to limited time and increasing service demands. However, today’s economic climate coupled with the advent of new technologies make this an opportune time for hospital pharmacies to start taking a proactive approach to information and financial management. It takes a bit of a leap of faith to commit the time and resources to improve pharmacy financial performance, but doing so puts pharmacy in the position to enhance its positive impact on organizational financial metrics, safety, and success.

In the past, financial management of the pharmacy was an important because pharmacists are trained to make the right choices for the best clinical outcomes, and as medications represent such a significant percentage of a hospital’s overall supplies expenditure, it became imperative to find ways to better control pharmaceutical costs and ensure medications are being accurately billed and reimbursed. To achieve hospitals need to realize how vital it is to update our processes and systems.

A few ways are to find solutions that would:

Efficiently capture facility-administered pharmaceutical charges at the appropriate ration Maintain efficient administrative oversight of pharmacy procurement, dispensing, and billing

Automate the transfer of data between various revenue systems both within and outside the pharmacy, to help identify processes that had broken down after leaving the pharmacy Facilitate staff communication and education

Hospitals lose millions of dollars as a result of missing, incomplete, and inaccurate pharmacy data in the billing system. Most hospitals do not realize this but the solutions is to manage the problem by manually tracking the data that moves from the pharmacy system to the financial billing system. This is a very labor-intensive process. Moreover, hospitals have found no practical way to keep data current as billing codes and regulations continually change. As a result, reimbursement and compliance suffer. Also, the hospital would have to maintain-automated linkage between the pharmacy system and the hospital’s billing system. This approach has resulted in pharmaceutical claims that are filed more accurately and reimbursed more promptly by both government and private insurers. It also allowed pharmacy to demonstrate and expand its role in driving hospital revenue.

As pharmacy procurement costs have historically risen by an average of 6% to 9% a year, according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, many hospitals have resigned themselves to accepting slim pharmacy margins. Without full reimbursement for all pharmacy-related expenses, it can be challenging to find the necessary capital to attain clinical objectives. By gaining full visibility of reimbursable pharmacy charges, we have been able to transform pharmacy’s financial management for the better.

Written by Donald Chew, MBA | January 29, 2014

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